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Seal Parts

Parts for Non-Seal Pump / Bearing

Scenic® can supply various types of carbon graphite/silicon carbide bearings and shafts in different shape. The selected material, based on media properties and operation conditions, can meet any single or combined requirements on abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, and excellent self-lubrication.
Carbon graphite/silicon carbide bearings have been widely adopted in canned pumps and vertical pumps.

High Performance Seals

Scenic® could supply various types of seals exclusively for Sundyne Pump applications. Customer should select the material in accordance with operation conditions and environments. Monolithic mating face design provides sealing performance reliably even running under high pressure and high speed situations.

Seal Parts

Scenic® can supply various types of carbon graphite/silicon carbide parts in different shape.
Abundant developing experience on special graphite parts used in semiconductor guarantee any customized applications in time.
Carbon graphite/silicon carbide seal parts have been widely adopted by most of applications in pulp and paper, petrochemical, food processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, power plant, water and wastewater treatment, electronic industry, and semiconductor.

Multi-Segment Rings

- High speed rotary equipments like fan and centrifuge.
- Low speed rotary equipments like autoclave reactor, mixer, screw conveyor, dryer, piston with cylinder, and compressor.
- Sealing requirement on various powders and gases including inflammable, explosive and toxic one.

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