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Single-Stages Multi-Segments Ring of Cartridge Seal

Multi-Segments Rings Cartridge Seal for Low Pressure Application

Operation Conditions
Process Pressure: up to 1.47 bar (21.34 psig)
Barrier Fluid Pressure: up to 2.9 bar (42.7 psig)
Speed: up to 25m/s (5000 fpm)
Standard Material
Metal Parts: 410SS / 304SS / 316SS / Titanium / Hastelloy® C / Duplex / Monel®
Multi-Segment Rings: SCENIC SP-G230™ / CB#4 / CB#2 / CB#8
Elastomers: Viton® / Chemraz® / Kalrez® / NBR / T.V. / EPDM /Other
Springs: 304SS / 316SS / Hastelloy® C
Cartridge Seal Designed-Very easy to install and maintained
Multi-Segments Seal Ring-Ensure the minimum of shaft wear and energy consumption
Highly Wear-Resistance Material [Selective Pair] -Excellent self lubricating and wear resistance properties. Lower operating temperature.
Common Spring Designed-Withstands mechanical vibrations, dramatically increase MTBF.
Distinctive Gas Channel Designed-Preventing gas for leaking
Isolated and Stationary Springs Designed-Extending the seal’s service life.
Slot Seal Cover-Minimizing down time
Sliding Set Plate-Prevent for lost of set plates resulting in future service inconvenience.
Barrier Gas Inlet Port-Providing better leak containment
Interchangeable Seal Ring-Reducing the learning curve for technicians hence cutting equipments downtime.

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