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Industries Served

[Refinement] Petroleum industry

APD 302T™

Back-to-Back Dual Cartridge Seal

API-682 Series Dual Cartridge seal

Operation Conditions
Temperature: -40 ~ 446°F ( -40 ~ 230°C )
Pressure: up to 430 psig ( 30 bar )
Speed: up to 4920 fpm ( 25 m/s )
Standard Material
Metal Parts: 304SS/316SS/Titanium/C-276/Monel®
Stationary Ring: Silicon Carbide /Tungsten Carbide
Rotary Ring: Carbon / Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide
Secondary Seal: Viton® / NBR / ERP / Aflas® / Chemraz® / Kalraz® / Hifluor® / Other
Springs: 304SS/316SS/C-276
Cartridge Design
Outer Pumping Rotary Ring
Driving Lags for Back-to-Back Retainer
Thrust Retaining Ring is Designed for Inner Stationary Ring
Multi-Springs Mutual Device
Balanced Design
Eliminate VOC Emission
In Conjunction with API Standard Flush Plans 52, 53 or 54
302 Series™ Compatible
Monolithic Mating Face Design
Patented Diversion Plate with Equal-distributed Grooves for Excellent Cooling Effect

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